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Xiaomi is primarily known for smartphones in India. Though back home in China, the company has a product portfolio that not many companies can compete with. Off late, Xiaomi has started bringing different products to India like – the Robot Vacuum cleaner, Laptops, toothbrush, air compressor, beard trimmer and more.

Call it the increased competition from Realme or dwindling numbers due to the Covid-19 impact, Xiaomi has been pushed out of its comfort zone and the upcoming Smarter Living Event will showcase some IoT products that the company is bringing in India.

In continuation, Xiaomi seems to be interested in bringing its monitors to India. It has sent out a survey to the MIUI 12 pilot testers seeking their feedback on topics like preferred display size, type of the panel, preference in resolution and refresh rate, response time and price etc.

Still early days though

This is a normal practice that Xiaomi follows before launching a new range in India. In the past, this exercise not only allowed them to get direct feedback from the community that is part of this demand, but also gives them invaluable data about the market in general.

Back in China, Xiaomi sells multiple standalone monitors including a massive 34-inches curved display piece, which is the only model available on its Global site. Even Redmi, Xiaomi’s sub-brand, has introduced a near bezel-less 24-inch monitor at an affordable price.

Though we are not sure as to which monitor Xiaomi is looking to introduce in India. However, given the fact that it has already started selling its Horizon laptops in India, it is about time that the company also introduces the external displays here. 

India’s growing appliances market

The timing could just be right as earlier today, we had reported about another brand from China – Realme – pitchforking itself into the home appliances market. They plan to launch four non-smartphone AIoT products that includes a smart bulb, a 360-degree home security smart camera, a 55-inch TV, wireless earphone with active noise cancellation and a TWS with noise cancellation. 

This bit of news comes barely days after Samsung announced its intention to expand its non-smartphone market presence globally. The South Korean tech giant Samsung had recently announced its intention to expand its ‘Project Prism‘. The project was created to expand its product range in the growing smart appliances segment. 

Their home appliance business head Lee Jae-Seung believes that the future would revolve around  recalibrating its business strategies around this vertical with a view to provide a healthy and safe lifestyle to consumers post the pandemic.

Looks like there’s going to be an exodus of sorts into this segment of the consumer electronics industry. Suffice to say that Indian consumers could be spoilt for choices in the coming months with the economy also benefitting from these entrants, given that they could well be using the Make in India rules to their advantage. 

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